CBD Hemp Flower

Hemp flower contains high CBD and broad spectrum of cannabinoids with an extremely low trace of THC.

Hemp flower are the buds from the hemp cannabis plant.  There are two species of the cannabis plant which are male and female.  The female cannabis plant is known as marijuana.  The male cannabis plant is known as hemp.  Both plants contain many of the same cannabinoids,  except for one which is THC.  The THC cannabinoid is the element that delivers psychoactive effects, or in other words giving the feeling of being “high”.  Smoking hemp flower will not deliver these effects.  However, you will be consuming all of the other cannabinoids and enjoying their benefits.  

We have very strict standards when it comes to approving a brand product to be on our menu.  All CBD products are lab tested and sampled.  Any product that does not meet our standards will not be accepted into our store.

Common questions about CBD hemp flower

No.  The hemp plant contains many cannabinoids, however the amount of THC found in the plant is less than 0.3%.

Yes.  Hemp is legally grown in regulated states under the 2019 Farm Bill act.  Hemp contains extremely low traces of THC,  and we are about to sell hemp flower nationwide to all 50 states.

Every person's body is different when it comes to how they absorb cannabinoids.  When it comes to smoking hemp flower, an individual can consume as much as they'd like until they reach desired effects. 

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