CBD For Pets

Us humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from CBD, so do our furry friends! Our pet CBD products come as oil tincture or treats.

If you love your furry friend, then you want them to always be comfortable and healthy. Fortunately, cannabidiol may offer a solution to many common complications found in dogs and cats, which may help you replace prescription medications to help your pet find relief. Cannabidiol for pets may offer a slew of benefits that help them maintain healthy joints, bones, muscles, and fur as they age. Your pet may even find relief when you useCBD for pets to treat pain and inflammation, too.

Best of all, most CBD products are entirely organic, which means you never have to give your pet preservatives or GMO’s to help them find relief from their symptoms. If you think that cannabidiol may be the best option for your pet, try talking to your veterinarian. He or she will be able to help you decide if cannabidiol may be right for your pet.

There are a wide variety of CBD products for pets designed by veterinarians and professionals. When you buy CBD oil online, you’ll get a chance to browse tons of products, helping you find the best product for you and your furry friend.

It’s widely known that we know about the effects of CBD on us humans, but what few people realize is that active cannabidiol interact with cannabinoid receptors, and nearly all life forms on the planet contain these receptors, including your dog!  In fact, our furry friends cannabinoid receptors can be nearly 5x times as more absorbent than ours!  That being said,  hemp oil for dogs can benefit in many of the ways that us humans can.

Because the CBD industry is so new to the market, many companies are taking advantage of looks regulations in the hemp industry, some even importing cheap CBD oil from foreign countries.  Not only could brands be attempting to deceive human CBD products, but even more so for pets.  

Be careful of those marketing products as “hemp treats”, because the truth could be that these products many not contain any cannabidiol at all.  

Instead of using CBD oil, they are using hemp seed extract or powders, which do not contain CBD extract from straight from the plant.  Hemp seeds do contain nutritional elements such as protein, however, it does not contain any level of CBD.

There are many products that may be appropriate for pets. Since each of our furry friends is unique, choosing the best product for your pet’s conditions should be a conversation between you and your vet. There are many different products available, which may make them useful for even picky pets. Some of the most popular CBD products for pets include:

  • Tinctures:Tinctures are an easy way to deliver small or medium doses of cannabidiol to your pet. They allow you to quickly measure each dose and place it in your pet’s mouth or on top of their food. They take effect quickly, so they may be best for treating a chronic ailment that requires quick relief.
  • Treats:CBD treats for pets offer a convenient option that is pre-measured for individual doses. CBD treats for dogs and cats are often the most popular option because they come in many different flavors and strengths, which makes them great for even picky pets.
  • Topicals:Topicals, like creams and lotions, may be best for treating skin conditions, itch, or blemishes. These topical products are available in a range of potencies and types, so they may be appropriate for any pet. Most cannabidiol topicals are organic and made from natural products that won’t harm your pet if ingested.

COMMON Questions About CBD for Pets

CBD is naturally derived in the Cannabis plant, and although there is still more research to be done, many researchers have reason to believe that it is non-toxic. Some research looked at high doses of CBD and found it to have no toxic characteristics. However, some legal restrictions pose a concern for veterinarians that may make it difficult to prescribe cannabidiol for dogs and cats.

In many areas, it is illegal for veterinarians to prescribe cannabidiol simply because of the lack of research. However, it is these same laws that restrict research as well. This doesn't stop many veterinarians from supporting the use of the supplement for many common conditions affecting pets. Many veterinarians and pet owners have experienced the benefits of cannabidiol for pets and continue to use the supplement every day.

Not only is the use of CBD rapidly growing everyday, it is also becoming more popular with our pets!  We have had feedback from happy customers who have given their dogs CBD to help support a better quality of life.  Some have used hemp oil for their dogs who have separation and stress issues.  CBD is not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions or diseases in pets.

The best dose for your pet will vary greatly based on health condition, age, size, and other biological factors. Most cannabidiol products designed for pets will include dosing information by weight, but it is always best to design a treatment plan with the help of your veterinarian.

If you decide to try dosing your pet on your own, take it slow. Start with the lowest recommended dose and monitor your pet for a few days. If needed begin to slowly increase the dose until you notice your pet getting relief from their symptoms. Do not exceed the maximum recommended doses for your pet’s weight unless recommended by your veterinarian.

It's important to remember that dogs cannabinoid receptors can absorb far more CBD, up to 5-10x more than humans can.  This is why CBDonly has a section specifically for pets.  Our CBD products meant for human have a much higher concentration of CBD.  For example, a dog that is about 30lbs wouldn't need to consume more than 2.5mg of CBD.  

CBDonly's pet section consists of mostly tinctures and pet treats.   Obviously, you would feed your furry friend a treat like you would normally, just pay attention to the dosage of the CBD treats.  In regards to the pet tinctures, you can add it to their daily food, or drop directly into their mouths.  You can take a guess which they prefer!  If you decide to try CBD for your pet, please do so at your own discretion and seek advice with a veterinarian.

No.  CBD does not induce any psychoactive effects like THC does.  All of our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, which will not make your pet "high".

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