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Signature is not required for orders under $300, but we can require it upon your request. We do require signature on packages $300 and up. This protects the security of high ticket packages for both you and us. Please keep this in mind when ordering, and that you are available to receive your package. If you aren’t available during the time frame that your mail gets delivered, then we would suggest keeping your orders under the $300 mark, and possibly placing multiple orders if you wish.

We use regular USPS and shipping typically takes 2-3 days to arrive to you. We ship out every day at 3pm so placing your order before then can ensure the fastest delivery time of your CBD products!

We ship nationwide! CBD is legal in all 50 states and we are happy to service our United States based community!

Shipping is $5.95 and we use flat rate shipping via USPS. However, we offer FREE shipping on orders over $75!

Please contact us at vis the chat window at the bottom of our site and we’ll take care of you right away!

Ordering & Payments

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Nope! Overnight Kush does not require a minimum order. However, we do offer free shipping for orders over $75!

If you have an paid order that has not been shipped out yet and you need to cancel, please contact us immediately so we can stop the order and issue a refund. Please note, that refunds can take 2-3 business days to process. All transactions are final for orders that have already been fulfilled and shipped.

If the website declines your card, sometimes it can be due to an incorrect CVV, incorrect Zip Code, or that the charge has been blocked by your bank. Its best to call your card provider, and request they authorize payments by Overnight Wellness. Also feel free to reach to us for assistance as well at

Charges on your bank statement will show up as “CBDonly”

Questions About CBD

Most frequent questions and answers

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found naturally in the cannabis plant. It is NOT mind altering like marijuana, which means CBD will NOT make you high. Over the past 40 years there have been numerous studies that highlight the potential of CBD. Researchers discovered the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is the system that CBD interacts with.

CBD products sold online at CBDOnly contain no THC, so you will not experience psychoactive or adverse effects when using our products- in fact, there are no known side effects associated with using CBD as indicated with a standard dosage. If it’s your first time using CBD, start slowly with a small dose between 5 and 10mg and increase your dosage until you notice positive benefits. The amount of CBD it takes to treat your pain may be different than the correct dose of another patient. Once you find your ‘sweet spot’ dose, it’s easy to treat pain using CBD- and we make it easy at CBDOnly, with exact dosing edibles, and capsules.

Our CBD products has non-detectable THC in which 0.3% is present. Drug tests will not detect such low levels of THC, however there are low quality drug tests companies use that deliver false positives by detecting all cannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of cannabinoid receptors in your brain and nervous system. CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors which keeps your body in balance.  

The products we carry are rated the best in the market, however, we do keep full transparency of all of our CBD product reviews.  Those products that get less than satisfying reviews are re-evaluated for removal of our menu.

The defining difference between hemp & marijuana is mainly the percentage of THC that is present. Marijuana refers to strains of cannabis that contain higher levels of THC. Hemp refers to strains of cannabis that contain non-detectable THC.

All of our CBD products are best stored in room temperature.

No, cannabinoids have no known toxicity. While everyone’s dosage amount is different for their desired results, most people start in small amounts and increase dosage from there to reach desired effects.  There have been no recorded cases of overdoses related to cannabidiol.

You can learn everything you need to know about cannabidiol on our blog! 

CBD is known for helping with everyday stresses.  However, due to FDA regulations, we can’t say much about what CBD can do for anxiety, but our customer reviews speak loudly!  

Medical providers suggest soft gels or capsules infused with the precise dosage of CBD because they eliminate the guesswork involved in taking CBD. With vaping, you’re never sure if you’re getting the correct amount of CBD, but with a capsule, you know you’ll soon experience CBD’s effects. Best of all, consuming CBD instead of vaping delivers longer-lasting results, so you’ll get more for your money when using a consumable product- like a capsule or an edible CBD product. CBDOnly is a one-stop source for a broad range of CBD consumables, including pre-measured dosage capsules, gummies, chocolates, caramels, snack bars, candies, syrups, cookies, and drink mixes.

When taking CBD for anxiety, you may worry that the taste of CBD will negatively impact the food or drink it’s added to. CBD capsules take the worry out of the equation- just swallow with water for no-taste and fast effects. If you prefer a product that tastes delicious and makes taking CBD more enjoyable, choose one of the edibles for sale online. CBDOnly is a highly respected source of edibles- we highly recommend our CBD fruit hard candies from Paradise that allow you to enjoy the sweet & relaxing benefits without others knowing you’re using CBD to treat your condition- they come in single servings or 4-packs.

On the surface, it may appear as though most CBD oils, edibles, creams, and other products are all alike, but read a few of the labels on these products, and you’ll quickly see that the ingredients can differ widely from one product to the next. CBDOnly, for example, is committed to selling organic, full-spectrum CBD products with no junk, filler ingredients, artificial colors, or additives that can take away from the purity and potency of the product and leave you with an inferior experience. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to buy CBD, start with our inventory and discover the difference quality ingredients make.

Brand name makes a huge difference when choosing a CBD product. Each supplier’s reputation is based on customer experience, so the most reputable CBD manufacturers earn the respect of their customers and build a brand that is recognized on websites where their products are sold. At CBDOnly, we are true to our commitment to you by working with a handful of manufacturers who deserve the high repute of shoppers. Rest easy knowing we’ll never compromise on our promise to bring you the best CBD products in the world.

At CBDOnly, we don’t over-inflate our prices like so many other suppliers do- we prefer to bring you quality CBD products at the best prices available. We believe that once you discover the value of shopping on our website, you’ll become a customer for life. Our CBDO Rewards program and subscription plan provide two ways for you to save even more on everyday CBD purchases. Use the free resources on our site to learn about the benefits of CBD when taken responsibly or used as a natural pet med. Our superstore is where to buy CBD for less.

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